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The operator of this trade:  Electrolux, LTD, Bitola, Braka Mingovi br 18, Pbox 52 Postal Code 7000, registered  in Skopje central register Entry by the law of Macedonia 

In this section you will find information about payment, shipping and return. 

Text complete text of our terms of trade and the site is available for you:
For conditions of sale, in which you can find information related to sales
Pay attention to the information about the characteristics of our products that appear on our site, and prices that are inclusive of VAT, that they will eventually be added 
(i) levies and fees by the laws and 
(ii) the following fees according to your chosen payment method (or. delivery), and the  amount due will be displayed before sending your order. 
Prices of products displayed on the website are in a particular moment always actual selling prices. 

Payment Options 

We offer two payment options: cash on delivery. 

Delivery Information 

Products purchased through this website will be delivered to the Macedonia.  If you would like to order your goods delivered to another country where Electrolux  operates, it is necessary to make an order on the website of the country. It is a country  where delivery will be carried out and that determines the country of purchase.  Your order will be delivered to the address that you mark when ordering.  Our method of delivery allows you to receive your shipment of goods within 3 to 5 working  days. If you enter an order on working days within 12 hours, will be distributed on the same  day if the product is labeled on the site that is available in stock. If the product is labeled as  temporarily out of stock, you can expect delivery within 6 to 30 days. 

Fee for delivery will be added at the end to purchase a total amount of payments depends  on the price of your products in the basket. The standard fee is 15000 MKD. When you buy  over 15000 MKD delivery is free, ie. free of charge for delivery. 

Cancellation and refund the purchase 

If you are not satisfied with the product you have the right within 14 days from receipt to withdraw from the purchase and return the product. The deadline for the use of your right to withdraw from your purchase starts from the moment of delivery orders. During this period, you can at its own cost product with an invoice back. We encourage you to us before  sending the package to contact us to ensure that you have the best information on how will a refund.

If you already have a payment occurred, you will be refunded within thirty (30)  days from receipt of your notice of withdrawal, provided that during this period and receive a returned product. We recommend that you send the product by registered and paid by the insurance carrier on the value of the goods. This is especially necessary in case of loss or damage to goods. 

The cost of returning the product bears upon exercise of the right to withdraw from the urchase by the customer.  So that we can return any money paid by you, the product should be returned in its original and totally functional condition (including original packaging, accessories and documentation). 

The cost of returning the product the customer does not pay in the event of a product defect, which, of course, any product we will replace or refund your money for it under warranty.

For warranty cases, we recommend that you contact us in advance before you return the product to ensure quality and flexible processing of your case. 

Questions and suggestions 

We welcome all inquiries and suggestions to the online store. For questions about after - sales service, or.

Send us e-mail: order@electrolux.mk 
Call 9.00-17.00:  +389(0)2 3298 130 

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Our deliveries will be implemented in a standard way to invoice stating the VAT.